Environmental Interface Limited

John Cowan P.Eng, M.B.A, C.M.V.P.

Biographical Note

John Cowan is President of Environmental Interface Limited, a specialist energy and environmental management consulting firm in Toronto, Canada. During his 35 year career John has been an ESCO owner/manager, consulting engineer, adviser to energy users entering ESCO contracts, consultant for utility DSM programs, governments and international development agencies, energy savings verifier, author or verifier of emission credit claims, and energy engineer for industrial and large commercial energy users.

John specializes in the verification of energy saving claims. He has acted as expert witness in the field, and has been active on committees writing the ASHRAE and IPMVP guidelines on savings determination. He teaches a course on M&V and serves on the joint EVO/AEE CMVP certification board.

He was Chair or Co-Chair of the volunteer committee responsible for IPMVP from 1999 to 2007, acting twice as technical editor for the third and fourth editions of IPMVP Volume I. He is now Chair of the Board of Efficiency Valuation Organization, the non-profit volunteer based organization owning IPMVP.

John is a registered professional engineer in Ontario with an MBA.

January 1, 2008