Environmental Interface Limited

Advising Large Facility Owners on Relationships With ESCOs

Before becoming an independent consultant, John Cowan established and ran an energy service company (ESCO) in Canada. He has been hired by various large entities to advise on their tendering for and selection of an ESCO, negotiating with ESCOs regarding contract terms, or reviewing savings predictions or reports:

  • Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada, Toronto
  • Carleton Roman Catholic Separate School Board
  • Defence Construction Canada
  • Metropolitan Toronto School Board
  • Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto
  • The Toronto Hospital
  • Toronto Housing
  • Winnipeg School District #1

John Cowan has also provided independent consulting for governments or utilities:

  • Natural Resources Canada – wrote two guides for facility managers on managing ESCOs
  • Canadian Department of National Defence – wrote model energy performance contract
  • Canadian International Development Agency – reviewed training needs of ESCOs in Canada
  • Ontario Hydro:
    • defined the reports ESCO had to make to claim payment under an ESCO focussed incentive program.
    • reviewed and rank ordered 105 ESCO project proposals for incentive funding.
  • Ontario Power Generation – reviewed 50 applications for incentive payment, from large industrial and commercial energy efficiency projects. Also reviewed 10 reports of project results.
  • World Bank – guided in development of ESCOs in China, Thailand, Poland and Croatia.
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – advised on preparation of tender documents to locate an ESCO for a large project in a Polish city

John Cowan is also a Principal and shareholder in Kaladar Enersave Management Inc, a specialty consulting firm. Kaladar is focussed on assisting Canadian institutional building owners manage their energy use. This consulting is predominantly about tendering and contracting with energy service companies. Through Kaladar, John Cowan has been involved with numerous ESCO related consulting projects for institutional facility managers listed on the Kaladar website.