Environmental Interface Limited

Expert in the Business of Energy Management

As a petroleum engineer and a consulting energy management engineer, John Cowan was exposed to a variety of business types while he obtained an M.B.A. degree. As a principal in a consulting firm and then co-founder and Vice President of a startup energy service company, John was responsible for many different aspects of business. His management duties included: sales and marketing, hiring and training staff, management information systems development, client project management, project financing, corporate financial management and strategic planning.

John’s practical experience in management helps him identify unique pathes around the numerous challenges management typically faces in achieving energy efficiency targets. Key clients in business planning, training or management guidance, have been:

  • Utilities in British Columbia, New York State and Rio de Janeiro, as they started up ESCO operations.
  • An American ESCO starting operations in Canada
  • Two Canadian and one Brazilian firm contemplating starting ESCOs.
  • The World Bank (IBRD) as it supported development of ESCOs in China, Thailand, Poland and Croatia.
  • The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) as it supported development of an ESCO in Mexico and Honduras and several ESCOs in Brazil.
  • Market research and process facilitation, on behalf of the Ontario Power Authority, for development of a new contractor association to coordinate energy efficiency programs for members (the Energy Efficiency Contractors Network EECN)