Environmental Interface Limited

Independent Verifier of Emission Reduction Claims

In 1996 John Cowan recognized that his experience in measuring and reporting energy savings was useful to the Pilot Emission Reduction Trading (PERT) project. PERT was an industry led voluntary effort in Ontario aiming to design an emission trading regime. John was central in coordinating PERT’s review of over 35 demonstration projects. He developed expertise in the needs of trading systems, regulators, and emission traders, while participating in the review of most projects.

On behalf of 4 clients, John Cowan prepared for PERT presentation emission credits arising from:

  • Two large facilities’ energy efficiency retrofit programs
  • Two landfill diversion and destruction projects
  • Oilfield emulsion secondary recovery processes

Beyond presentations to the PERT program, which ceased around 2001, John has provided his verification and emission trading knowledge as follows:

  • Independent verification under the Ontario Emission Trading Code of the emission reduction impact of
    • 2 wind turbine projects
    • one municipal solid waste incinerator SCR installation project
  • Check BoxDevelopment of credit documentation for:
    • NOx reduction and energy efficiency activities at a cement plant
    • energy efficiency activities in a chemical plant
  • Advised a power producer on the challenges associated with reporting credits from landfill diversion and destruction projects.
  • Verification of GHG credit documentation for N2O reduction activities in a chemical plant.
  • Review of inventory data and guidance on GHG policy for a multi-plant Canadian industrial firm.
  • Advised the Ontario Government in 2000 on energy efficiency activities which could become part of a greenhouse gas management policy.
  • Assisted refinement to the fuel switching standard methods A2 and A3 of the Ontario Emission Trading Code.
  • Volunteer support of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative’s Project Protocol and its Guidelines for Quantifying GHG reductions from Grid-Connected Electricity Projects
  • 2008 - preparing a methodology for energy efficiency projects to be presented to the General Electric–AES Greenhouse Gas Services program for emission trade.